Kate Lamy Biomedical Visualization Skull

About me

Clear visual communication has the extraordinary ability to highly augment biomedical learning and education, the core of Kate Lamy’s focus as a medical artist. Through her master’s training in Biomedical Visualization (M.S.) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Kate has developed her craft and nurtured her visual communication skills in both traditional drawing and digital design. This specialized experience enables her to vividly translate complex scientific and medical concepts into elegant visual media for any audience, including patients, students, and research scientists.

To accurately visualize biomedical and life science, she has taken coursework in cell biology, genetics, animal and plant physiology, chemistry, neuroscience, surgical illustration, and human anatomy. Her dissection experience includes the human cadaver and brain, as well as comparative vertebrate dissection.

With her previous experience as an illustrator, designer, and briefly art director to a college campus magazine during her undergraduate years, Kate has proved to be highly capable in a collaborative atmosphere as part of a design team.

Kate is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Audition, After Effects). She enjoys organizing content and building websites using Adobe Dreamweaver and by writing HTML, and is comfortable in both Mac and PC digital platforms. In terms of 3D modeling, Kate uses Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, and Pixologic ZBrush to create powerful assets for use in animation or interactive game engines such as Unity 3D. Kate is also trained in using Materialize Mimics to utilize CT, MRI, or Cryosection data to create specific, accurate, and correctly scaled 3D models of the human body.

With the production of clear illustration that encourages interest and education, Kate looks forward to helping better biomedical communication and contributing to the progress of the health sciences.

Kate currently works for a medical device company in the west suburbs of Chicago, designing product brochures, creating digital and print advertisements, and designing clear and engaging surgical technique manuals. When she isn't at work, she spends her time sketching, practicing the harp, and spending time with friends and family.